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Why every creative team on needs online proofing software

Collaboration is at the heart of every successful creative project. This comprehensive guide explores the key elements that drive effective teamwork, the common obstacles that can hinder progress, and the role of specialized software like GoProof in streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

How GoProof saves creative teams time and money

Is your creative team drowning in feedback emails, version confusion, and missed deadlines? Learn how GoProof can streamline your workflow, reduce costs, and boost productivity.

How to streamline your Adobe Creative Cloud workflow

Is your creative team bogged down by scattered feedback, version control issues, and slow approvals? Discover actionable tips and tools (like GoProof) to simplify your creative process, enhance collaboration, and deliver projects faster.

10 Best integrations for in 2024

Enhance your experience with 10 must-have integrations for project management, marketing, automation, and more. Streamline communication, optimize workflows, and empower creative collaboration.

GoProof integration

Supercharge your account with the free proofing integration app from GoProof.

What is creative collaboration?

Learn everything about creative collaboration, discover the key differences between creative and conventional collaboration, and what to look for when assessing your own creative workflows.

What are creative operations?

Our guide to creative operations, its distinction from project management, building effective teams, and future prospects.

How to write the perfect creative brief

Looking for strategies to help you to write the perfect creative brief? Follow our 14-step guide for a fail-safe creative brief.

Optimising your creative operations team

Browse the key points to unlock a wealth of efficiency for your creative operations team.

Creative job management software

Creative job management software takes control of creative projects by streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, optimising resources, and fostering client satisfaction.

20 of the most iconic logo designs

From Apple's bitten apple to the dynamic Nike swoosh, and the Playboy bunny to the McDonald's golden arches, delve into the 20 logos that became globally iconic.

Graphic design trends for 2024

Explore the emerging trends set to reshape the graphic design landscape in 2024 and beyond.

The essential guide to creative project management

The difference between types of project management, the key steps for successful creative projects, and how to keep creative teams organised.

7 logo redesigns that failed

Dive into the world of logo redesigns and the most notorious attempts that left brands regretting their design decisions.

Challenges facing creative operations in 2024

Learn how innovative strategies can empower creative operations teams to overcome the top challenges they face in 2024.

Unleash your creativity with GoProof's 14-day free trial

Discover the power of seamless collaboration and streamlined proofing with GoProof's 14-day free trial.

Compare the best 2022 online proofing solutions with GoProof

The best 14 online proofing software solutions, comparing features and pricing for creative collaboration.

The evolution of FIFA World Cup logo designs

Browse the complete history of logo designs for the FIFA World Cup tournament, from the inaugural event in 1930 right through to present day.

What is Online Proofing?

Our definitive guide to online proofing, its key benefits, and what to look for in an online proofing solution for your creative team.

The top 10 benefits of online proofing software

Understand the top 10 benefits of online proofing software in this one definitive blog post that draws upon real feedback from proofing software users.

GoProof, revolutionising the proofing process

Since 2016, GoProof has been revolutionising the proofing process for project managers, marketeers, creative agencies and designers with a wealth of cutting-edge features.

Using online proofing software helps creative teams stay close together

GoProof online proofing software empowers creatives and marketers working from home, helping teams stay close together from wherever they are

Online proofing software GoProof launches new group proofing tool

GoProof’s new online proofing software tool Group enables multiple annotations and markups to be rolled into one, saving more proofing time and keeping comments tidy

Make your proof confidential for extra security

Got some extra sensitive content in your proof? Make it confidential in GoProof by adding password protection. Only collaborators with passwords can view it!

GoProof named best proofing software company of 2021 by

GoProof has been named by as one of the best proofing software companies of 2021.

Collaborators can now enjoy fully-optimised creative proofing on mobile devices

The GoProof mobile app for Apple iOS and Google Android makes collaborating remotely on Adobe Creative Cloud design work a beautiful experience.

Find proofs faster with the advanced search in GoProof

An advanced search function has been added to the GoProof dashboard, helping collaborators find and open proofs much faster.

Enhanced manager workflow brings transparent collaboration for everyone

The GoProof workflow for combining internal and external reviewing - or the manager workflow as we call it - has been enhanced to provide more clarity in the versioning process and makes the experience super simple for everyone.

Draw tool added to GoProof markup list

The Draw tool in GoProof allows for freehand drawings to be made on the proof in multiple colours, so collaborators can scribble their feedback clearly and easily.

Customize GoProof into Your Own Brand with Themes

Customize a ton of assets and functions to transform GoProof’s appearance and turn it into your own brand.

Declutter your client workspace and dashboard with this new feature

We’ve rolled out a new feature request this week which helps proof senders declutter their client workspace and proof dashboard.

Cyan Group impresses clients and saves time with GoProof’s online proofing software

Watch Graeme Smith from Cyan Group explain how GoProof has taken the pressure off hitting client deadlines by saving time in the creative approval process.

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