How to streamline your Adobe Creative Cloud workflow

Adobe Creative Cloud is a powerhouse for designers, but managing the creative process—from initial concept to final approval—can be a challenge. Scattered feedback, version confusion, and endless emails can quickly derail even the most organized projects.

That's where a streamlined workflow comes in. By implementing the right tools and strategies, you can optimize your Adobe CC process, boost your team's productivity, and deliver outstanding results.

The creative collaboration challenge

Creative and marketing teams often face these common roadblocks:

Disconnected Tools: Jumping between design software, project management platforms, and communication channels creates a disjointed workflow.

Inefficient Feedback Loops: Email threads and scattered marked-up files and comments make it difficult to track feedback and revisions.

Version Control Nightmares: Multiple versions of files lead to confusion and rework.

Slow Approvals: Chasing down clients or stakeholders for approval can cause delays and missed deadlines.

Limited Collaboration: Lack of real-time collaboration hinders communication and slows down decision-making.

These issues can lead to frustration, delays, and ultimately, lower-quality work. But there's a solution...

Enter GoProof: Your creative workflow saviour

GoProof is a powerful online proofing and collaboration platform designed to simplify your Adobe Creative Cloud  workflow. It offers a comprehensive set of features to streamline feedback, approvals, and team communication.

Key features of GoProof

Seamless Adobe CC Integration: Share files directly from InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Premiere Pro without the need to export PDFs or other formats.

Intuitive Proofing Tools: Annotate directly on designs with clear markup tools, comments, and version comparisons.

Real-Time Collaboration: Work together in real time with team members and stakeholders, whatever their location..

Automated Workflows: Set up custom workflows to automate tasks like reminders and notifications.

Unlimited Collaborators: Invite as many reviewers and guests as you need to collaborate, with no extra cost.

GoProof Adobe CC Extension

Benefits of a streamlined creative workflow

By implementing GoProof into your Adobe CC workflow, you'll reap these benefits:

Increased Productivity: Eliminate manual tasks and reduce time spent on reviews.

Improved Collaboration: Foster better communication and transparency across teams.

Faster Approvals: Get feedback and sign-offs quickly, keeping projects on track.

Higher Quality Work: Clearer feedback and version control lead to better design decisions.

Happier Clients: Deliver projects on time and within budget, exceeding expectations.

Getting Started with GoProof

Sign Up: Start your free trial of GoProof.

Download the Extension: Connect GoProof to your Adobe CC applications with the free extension.

Upload Files: Share your designs directly from your Adobe tools for review.

Invite Collaborators: Easily invite team members and clients to review and provide feedback.

Manage Approvals: Set up automated workflows to streamline the approval process.

Track Progress: Monitor project progress, feedback, and versions in one central dashboard.


GoProof isn't just another online proofing tool; it's a game-changer for creative teams. By integrating seamlessly with Adobe CC, it simplifies the entire creative workflow, from concept to completion.

If you're ready to ditch the chaos and embrace a more efficient, collaborative way of working, give GoProof a try. Your team (and your clients) will thank you.

Book a demo today to see how GoProof can transform your creative workflow.

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