Website proofing with GoProof

Make your website, web page and prototype proofing an incredible experience for everyone.

What is website proofing?

Website proofing in GoProof is the best way to review your online prototypes, wireframes and web page content

It keeps a central, traceable record of all versions and feedback along the way, filling everyone with confidence and excitement throughout the journey to public release.
GoProof web proofing
GoProof web proofing

Website proofing is a cinch to use

Designers type in the URL of the website or content and share it for review with as many collaborators as they want. On receiving their invite, collaborators click through to view it in a fully active browser window powered by GoProof, so they see it in its native setting.

Empowering collaborators

Snap and capture multiple screen grabs, adding comments and markups using all the amazing proofing tool options when they’re ready.

Changes are requested and new versions routed until collaboration in the review circle is done and the final web designs are signed off by those that are required to.

It’s true web-based creative collaboration that’s super fun! And it’s ideal for compliance with company policies and global web standards for online content.
GoProof web proofing

What you can do with website proofing

Set a 3-second snap countdown so you can activate web functions

Grab unlimited snaps and group them together

Drive compliance with company and web standards

Easily snap and comment on live websites

Choose desktop, laptop and mobile views

Capture full browser windows or part-selections

Use all the comment tools to collaborate

Track and compare proof version history

Save in projects with other proof media types

Route web proofs to unlimited collaborators

Switch the device, flip the screen

Ever wondered what the web page would look like if you changed from a desktop to a mobile surface like an iPhone SE?

In GoProof there’s an easy way to pick from the common standard list of device types and switcheroo, so you can see right there how it works on different devices. 

Flip it into landscape mode too. Get the big picture and amplify your site experience.

Make proofing easy for colleagues

Web proofing is purposely designed for technophobes and technopros to use.

We’ve simplified everything, so it’s a quick click and snap and you’re collaborating. It’s fast and clear feedback you need, not a huge list of bells and whistles that create barriers to engagement.

Try web proofing with your coworkers today to experience simplicity.

They will love it.

Review web and print content in the same project

Organisation. It makes projects tick.

That’s why web proofs can be created and stored in the same projects as all other proof media types like videos, images and documents for print.

Keeping all your campaign collateral in one easy-to-access place makes reviewing work so much easier, especially when refining CTAs, headlines and sticking to size guidelines.

Go all in, go laser-focused. It’s up to you.

GoProof gives you the Window and Selection options to choose from, so you can grab everything in one hit or box out a specific area within the web content that you want to collaborate on.

There might just be a tiny typo in the corner but everything else is cool.

What happens if you need to activate a function on a web page before taking the snap? Easy. Use Countdown.

Pick this tool and you will get a 3-second delay before the shutter clicks, so you can free up your mouse to show hover states, active functions, sub-menu options and more.

And it works on both Window and Selection snaps.

View and compare versions

GoProof tracks every version, comment and markup as your website and web pages evolve throughout the creative journey.

The History tab allows you to easily view previous web designs next to the current one. Take stock and revisit any comments or threads which were key influencers on the project direction.

Nail the brief, listen to feedback and watch your team’s web work become incredible.

Intake web assets, route them for approval

Websites and web pages can be made up of hundreds of elements all working together to produce the final user experience. 

Primary assets often require approval and could feature in multi-media campaigns, so they need to be routed through the right departments before being cleared for use.

This process is easy in GoProof thanks to automated proofing workflows, making asset choices easy for web teams..
GoProof tools

The full stack of proofing tools

When reviewing print work in GoProof, there are a wide range of proofing tools that make collaboration with your coworkers a dream to take part in.

Website proofing is no exception. Yep, it has them all too.

That means you can @mention, highlight, draw, measure pixels and strike words out as much as you want, getting your creative ideas across in the most understandable way.

Express yourself and inspire the team to produce the best web content ever.


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