Online proofing software overview

Make the creative experience incredible. GoProof's online proofing software is the future of creative collaboration.

It transforms a tired and frustrating process into an inspirational creative journey that everyone loves to experience.

It's time to leave behind separate PDF and MP4 exports for every change and trash the huge email trails for every person you are dealing with!

Key functions of online proofing software

GoProofhas a whole set of efficiency features to optimise your billable hours, release deadline pressure and create an easier path to final sign off.

Designers easily save an hour a day. It’s thanks to a big reduction in admin and a universal understanding on creative goals

As there is one proof for everyone rather than separate PDFs, proofing is centralised with all historic versions stacked together. Audit trails of all changes are clearly accessible from anywhere and collaborators can see whether a proof has been seen, not seen, sent back or any other status as it happens.

Collaborators are unlimited and flexible to each proofing round and there’s no need for them to set up accounts when invited using own-branded emails. Teams like Finance or Legal can be set up so they can all proof versions alongside each other.

Files are shared securely through GoProof by designers and collaborators, taking out another separate time-consuming process.

Time spent working on changes is tracked and actions can be automated when deadlines are passed.

There’s so much in it you’d think it was complicated. It’s not. It’s a beautiful workflow that’s the future of content approval.

Embedded into Adobe Creative Cloud

Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud
GoProof’s free add-on for Adobe Creative Cloud allows designers to share proofs of their work without exporting PDFs, PNGs or other files.

The joined up process from Adobe document to final sign off makes it easy for designers and clients to collaborate, express themselves and approve the most amazing creative work together.

It saves designers a ton of time. And clients love it, as they get closer to the project and feel an integral part of the design journey without needing an Adobe CC licence!

Live in the cloud

GoProof is one the fastest growing proofing platform for Adobe Creative Cloud and has already been spotlighted by Adobe as a designer must-have.

It’s served from the cloud and is built in HTML (no Flash) with an Adobe CC extension for sending proofs directly from Adobe CC up to the encrypted collaboration website.

GoProof is hosted on the state-of-the-art and super-secure Google Cloud Platform to encrypt and protect client data confidentiality.

Gets proofing done faster
Clients love using it
Makes collaborating easier
Reduces publishing errors

Inspires fresher creative
Releases project stress
Gives clarity on time spent proofing
Makes you more efficient


Discover how to simplify your proofing by using GoProof online proofing software totally free for 2 weeks!
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