Automated proofing workflows

Easily create custom workflows that automatically pass proofs from one collaborator stage to the next using predefined triggers.

Sit back and watch the magic happen

That feeling of knowing everything is being done in line with company policy but without you having to jump in and tinker all the time. It’s so good.

Automated workflows in GoProof are just the ticket. They give you the toolset to build a timeline of stages for your proofs to follow, however simple or complex the journey needs to be.

When one collaborator stage review is over, the proof kicks automatically onto the next with rules and caveats managing the flow along each transfer, right until the proof reaches its final destination and is ready for changes or approval.
Automated workflows make difficult routing processes as easy as 1-2-3.

The user-friendly configurator in GoProof helps you create your workflow, add as many stages as you want in a perfect sequential order and assign collaborator groups and individuals to review work each stage.

Once workflows are created, proofs can be sent  by selecting one from the wizard options. You can send workflow proofs using either the Intake File Uploader or the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud.

The proof dashboard keeps track of all progress made along the workflow timeline, visually displaying which stages have been completed and where any important deadlines and potential bottlenecks are.

It won't get published until legal has seen it

Worrying about who needs to see content first, last or always is a thing of the past with automated workflows.

Each stage can be set up as a team, department, location, organisation or whatever you want. So if you need to make sure you get legal eyes on it after the sales team has thrown in their contribution, put legal after sales in the workflow and reduce the risk of exposure.

And if the North America HQ team has to choose from a list of campaign messages before the EMEA team sees it, allow them to comment on it first and give reasons why they went down their chosen route.

Use workflows again – in two formats

All custom workflows in GoProof are saved against your designated clients, so you can easily repeat them. You’ll save hours.

GoProof levels up further by saving the most recent version of that workflow and giving you the option to pick that one alongside the original.

So if a ton of collaborators joined or were removed from a workflow once it was out there, however it finished up can be the start of round two.

Make comments private

Not all comments in a workflow can be openly shared. There are always some exceptions, such as sensitive commercial feedback.

On top of the whole workflow itself being made confidential (requiring a password to access it) now each comment group can be made private.

This means all comments, markups and threads that are created by private groups will be hidden from everyone except those in that group.

Set a deadlines

Content releases usually come with a ‘we need it by’ date.

Even if production is ahead of schedule, delays happen when content gets stuck in a department while everyone else is waiting on it.

Fix this issue in GoProof by setting each stage in the workflow with a deadline and a next action trigger. If a proof remains inactive, it can be pushed on to the next stage or be sent back for version changes.


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