Video and animation proofing

Collaborate on Premiere Pro videos, MP4s and animated GIFs with the market-leading online proofing software solution, GoProof.

Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

Video and animated digital content review

If it moves, we can proof it.

The GoProof collaboration platform isn’t just for print work or static images. We know creative campaigns spread much wider than that and need to be looked at together. In one combined ecosystem.

Collaborate on animated GIFs for web campaigns, on-site video recordings, TV adverts and more, right alongside InDesign documents, Photoshop touch-ups and Adobe XD app and web prototypes.

Share video timelines from Adobe Premiere Pro

Stop the MP4 exports already! Send your timeline from inside Premiere Pro.

Rendering and exporting is one thing. Emailing or file sharing or blue toothing or whatever is a total drag.

Thanks to the GoProof Adobe Premiere Pro CC extension panel, you can send timelines for review directly from inside your Pr app and receive the changes right back into it. Collaborator comments are fixed to the timeline points so when the review is sent back to the producer, they know exactly what changes to make and where to do them.

Don’t waste hours as a makeshift IT manager trying to get content across to collaborators.
Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

Send GIFs from Adobe Photoshop. Or just upload them.

Hey, it’s not awkward to collaborate on GIFs anymore.

GoProof’s collaborative world of animated content reaches out to animated GIF files.

We make it easy for designers to share them with collaborators in a space where it’s easy to view, pause and comment together with no ‘why isn’t it moving?’ issues or frame glitches.

Files can be shared as a simple upload if they’re already in GIF format or – and here’s the neat bit – sent directly from a Photoshop CC GIF file inside the app using our Creative Cloud extension panel.
Video and animation proofing simplified

Adobe Premiere Pro integrated
Send timelines for review from inside Premiere Pro.

Pins and ranges
Drop single-point pins or extend a range to comment on.

Adobe Photoshop to GIF reviewing
Designers can send GIFs from Photoshop Creative Cloud that arrive as videos.

Version history
Track all video versions to see the progression.

Export files
Not using Adobe Creative Cloud? Upload MP4s and GIFs to review.

All media within one project
Review your video, document and prototypes together.

Quick and easy MP4 collaboration

If you need a fast approval on an MP4 file, GoProof is all you need.

Files can come in from external agencies or partners and you’ve gotta get sign off from your internal team.

GoProof is great for uploading and sharing MP4s in a unified, centralised space, inviting collaborators to review it together rather than creating a ton of separate email threads and file-share links.

When they’re done, collaborators with Gatekeeper status can request changes to the movie or sign off the work in seconds. All versions are tracked in the History tab.

It’s super-easy, more productive and gets everyone inspiring each other.

One Adobe Creative Cloud extension for all media types
Eliminate large email / file-sharing headaches
No need to export MP4s from Premiere Pro

Collaborate on videos in one place
Multiple commenting tools
Free for collaborators


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