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Add online proofing functionality to is one of the world's leading project management platforms for a range of business types and sizes. With monday, teams are able to focus on executing tasks, projects, and processes efficiently and achieve shared goals at scale.

Because monday caters for a wide variety of business, it misses a few key workflow stages when it comes to production of content creation. Which is where GoProof comes in!

As a creative operations team, marketing department, ad agency or an in-house design department, injecting GoProof into monday, with the free integration, will streamline the entire production of creative jobs, projects and tasks.

With GoProof integrated, creative content - artwork created in the Adobe suite of products, animations, video, graphics and so much more - can be shared across your teams, designers, creatives, freelancers and clients or stakeholders with ease, allowing for in-depth creative collaboration.

GoProof online proofing integration for

GoProof and

Watch the 30 second overview video below, and discover how GoProof integrations integrates perfectly into It's free to download and use via the marketplace, and syncs both systems.

Download the free GoProof integration via the marketplace here: GoProof for

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