10 Best integrations for monday.com in 2024

monday.com is a powerhouse for project management, but its true potential is unlocked through its vast array of integrations. By connecting the tools your team already uses, you can create a seamless workflow that eliminates silos and maximizes efficiency.

Supercharge your monday.com experience with these 10 must-have integrations for project management, marketing and automation, and more.

Zapier monday.com integration

1. Zapier: Your automation powerhouse

Zapier is the ultimate connector, allowing you to automate tasks between monday.com and thousands of other apps. From sending Slack notifications to updating Google Sheets, Zapier saves time and eliminates manual data entry.

Discover more and install the Zapier monday.com integration here

Slack monday.com integration

2. Slack: Centralize team communication

Integrate Slack with monday.com to keep project updates, notifications, and conversations in one place. Say goodbye to scattered communication and missed deadlines.

Discover more and install the Slack monday.com integration here

Zoom monday.com integration

3. Zoom: Seamless video meetings 

Schedule and join Zoom meetings directly from monday.com, streamlining your communication and collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders.

Discover more and install the Zoom monday.com integration here

Gmail monday.com integration

4. Gmail: Keep your inbox organized

Sync emails and attachments to monday.com tasks and projects. This ensures all relevant information is centralized and accessible to your team.

Discover more and install the Gmail monday.com integration here

Hubspot monday.com integration

5. HubSpot: Align marketing and sales

Seamlessly connect your marketing and sales data to ensure a smooth customer journey. Track leads, manage campaigns, and gain valuable insights, all within monday.com.

Discover more and install the HubSpot monday.com integration here

Sale force monday.com integration

6. Salesforce: Boost your sales pipeline

Integrate your CRM with monday.com to improve lead management, track deals, and collaborate more effectively with your sales team.

Discover more and install the Salesforce monday.com integration here

DocuSign monday.com integration

7. DocuSign: Simplify document signing

Securely sign contracts and other documents directly within monday.com, saving time and eliminating the need for external tools.

Discover more and install the DocuSign monday.com integration here

Microsoft Teams monday.com integration

8. Microsoft Teams: Seamless collaboration 

Integrate your preferred communication platform with monday.com for real-time collaboration, file sharing, and video meetings.

Discover more and install the Microsoft Teams monday.com integration here

Drive monday.com integration

9. Google Drive: Centralize file storage and collaboration

Bring your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations into monday.com with the Google Drive integration. Collaborate on files in real-time, track changes, and keep all your project assets organized.

Discover more and install the Google Drive monday.com integration here

GoProof monday.com integration

10. GoProof: The ultimate creative workflow solution

For teams seeking to streamline creative workflows and enhance collaboration, GoProof is the essential integration that takes your monday.com experience to the next level. It provides a centralized platform for:

Streamlined proofing and approvals

Share designs, collect feedback in context, and manage approvals – all within monday.com.

Real-time collaboration

Work together with your team and clients on designs in real-time.

Version control

Keep track of all file versions and changes.

Task management

Seamlessly manage creative tasks and deadlines within monday.com.

Discover more and install the GoProof monday.com integration here

Supercharge your creative projects with GoProof

GoProof's deep integration with monday.com makes it the most powerful proofing and collaboration tool on the market. It eliminates the need to switch between platforms, simplifies feedback, and accelerates project delivery.

If your team wants to take their creative workflows to the next level, GoProof is the ultimate solution.

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