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August roundup of new online proofing software features in GoProof

It’s Auto-August! See what new online proofing software features from GoProof in August 2020 can help improve your marketing and creative team workflow and collaboration.

Collaborators can now compare proof versions in the blink of an eye

Compare proof versions in the blink of an eye with the new Blink Compare feature plus more in the latest version of GoProof’s online proofing software for Adobe Creative Cloud work.

Collaborators can change GoProof into German

Collaborators can now select German as their preferred GoProof language, alongside English and French.

Compare the best 2022 online proofing solutions with GoProof

Oppolis looks at the best 14 online proofing software alternatives to GoProof in 2022 and compares features and pricing for creative collaboration.

Creative work management software for global marketing teams

Welcome to Oppolis, the creative work management software ecosystem for global marketing teams and Adobe Creative Cloud users

Cyan Group impresses clients and saves time with GoProof’s online proofing software

Watch Graeme Smith from Cyan Group explain how GoProof has taken the pressure off hitting client deadlines by saving time in the creative approval process.

Customer service assurance notice regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

In light of the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we would like to assure you that our software, systems and customer service will continue as normal.

Declutter your client workspace and dashboard with this new feature

We’ve rolled out a new feature request this week which helps proof senders declutter their client workspace and proof dashboard.

Customize GoProof into Your Own Brand with Themes

Customize a ton of assets and functions to transform GoProof’s appearance and turn it into your own brand.


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