GoProof + Adobe Creative Cloud

GoProof makes reviewing and proofing creative content a dream

“GoProof has made good use of the Creative Cloud platform by building a panel that streamlines the review and approval process.”
Drew Endick
Creative Cloud Partnership, Adobe

The ultimate proofing experience for Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud extension
The free extension runs from inside InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

Revolutionary two-way integration
Send proofs out and get changes back without leaving Adobe Creative Cloud

Get every comment together
Edits and changes are combined and delivered to your document

Allow copy editing on proofs
Collaborators can edit text boxes you have unlocked for them

Manage changes and log time
Add a time when you complete a change in our wizard

Automatic revision control
Ensure nobody jumps ahead or falls behind with feedback
Proof every type of creative and marketing content

Proof and upload directly from within your Adobe CC applications

Designers and creatives can upload and collaborate on proofs directly from the side panel of your Adobe applications, such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Speed up the entire creative process

Save time on the approval process by keeping designers engaged with the creative content. Proof, upload, revise and collaborate on designs without having to log in and out of multiple systems.

Runs from within Adobe CC

Easily manage clients and projects

Remove PDF exports and email trails

Send proofs & receive changes back

Reviewers don't require Adobe licences

Step through changes one-by-one

Automatic version control

One proof for everyone

GoProof FAQs
What is GoProof?

GoProof streamlines the production and management of all your creative projects by providing complete creative collaboration across your internal and external team, and clients or stakeholders.

At its core, GoProof is a robust online proofing system that integrates seamlessly into Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products, and leading project management tools, such as monday.com and Asana, to take your creative operations to the next level. It also includes asset management functionality, creative project and job tracking and creative collaboration via project chat and messaging.

Can I trial GoProof before I buy?

You can take a completely free 14-day trial of GoProof today, with no obligation to continue after that period.

Trial GoProof internally and with your clients and stakeholders, then, after 14 days, you can upgrade to a full account.

I'd like to see GoProof in action, can I get a demo?

We’d love the opportunity to demonstrate the power of GoProof to you. Complete the request a free demo form and we'll arrange a time and date to suit you.

Are GoProof integrations free to use?

All GoProof apps are free to download and use. GoProof currently integrates directly into the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as project management platforms such as monday.com and Asana - with more integrations on the road map.

We have a mobile app for android and iOS and a web proofing extension for Chrome browsers. Download these apps directly from the respective marketplaces, and sign in with your GoProof credentials to seamlessly sync both applications.

What is online proofing?

Online proofing is the process of sharing content, usually creative content such as design, website or animations, for review and approve via an online browser. Content is uploaded for approval, and then submitted to team members or clients and stakeholders for comments and feedback.

Read our guide to online proofing: What is Online Proofing?

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