Simplify your proofing, editing and creative collaboration workflows

Streamline review cycles with custom journeys. Inspire creative design with unified team collaboration. Amplify impact with remote co-editing on copy. Route global 360° reviews from inside Adobe apps.

Experience it all in one place. See the big picture. GoProof.

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How GoProof works
“The amount of time it now takes us to do a review using GoProof is drastically less, which also allows us to be a little more nimble with our production timelines.”
Brewers Association
Jason Smith
Art Director, Brewers Association
Jason Smith

Edit copy simultaneously on the same document, flow changes straight in

Writers can work together on the same document in their web browser, locking text passages out when they are working on them. When they submit, designers simply click and flow the copy straight into their Adobe document. What could be nicer?

Track and log creative changes in microscopic detail

GoProof tracks and logs every minute change right down to the single space to give a fully reportable history on how the creative journey evolved. Stay confident, error-free and totally compliant for SOC2, ISO and company policies.

Row back, view and restore previous versions

Every version of the proof is saved and stored in the document history with a revert option. Collaborators can view and compare all the previous comments, seeing what feedback designers gave on requested changes and when they took action on them. It’s total clarity for all, underpinned with a safety net.

1 hour per day

saved by each team member

Up to 50%

reduction in review timeframes


global collaborators review for free

Manage clients, projects, jobs and creative production in one central place

Keep all the important production information together so you don’t lose track of your creative goals. Assign jobs to creatives and drop them right into their Adobe app. Or they can just start their own. Either way, everyone can see projects and their deadlines.

Pick from preloaded workflow templates with creative briefs and intake forms

Get started real quick by choosing one of our workflow templates. Fill in the creative brief fields to share instructions. Set up an intake form to capture required assets straight into your project. Once work comes back, watch it automatically route to your first review pitstop.

Create custom automated workflows to route content and trigger next actions

Got strict company policies for content movement? The custom workflow builder in GoProof means you can send work wherever you want, in whatever order you want. Departments, global sites, C-levels, agencies, clients - it’s totally up to you. Make forms for each stage too.
“All comments and feedback are controlled in one location. There aren’t any version control issues because we’re all on the same page with GoProof. It allows revisions and approvals to happen so much quicker and with ease.”
Adam Morrison
Graphic Design Specialist, ONICON


Discover how to simplify your proofing by using GoProof online proofing software totally free for 2 weeks!
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