Sign up for a free trial right now. No payment details required!


Sign up for a free trial right now. No payment details required!



Only the best will do for freelancers, teams and organisations with the full range of proofing features.


Copy Editor for InDesign CC and Illustrator CC

Manager workflow for triple level proofing

GoVersion for auto-saving and restoring CC files

API connectivity and custom hooks

Custom website themes and branding

Unlimited storage

And much more!


single user

PRO makes the creative approval process for freelancers and independent workers a million times better.


Unlimited collaborators

Unlimited proofs

5gb storage with delete and archiving

Email domain and template customisation

Free Trial

Experience the future of content approval with our open-ended free trial version, limited only by 10mb of storage space.


Unlimited collaborators

Unlimited proofs

10mb storage limit


How long does the Free Trial version last for?

There is no time limit on using the Free Trial version as it has a 10mb storage limit instead. So if you only use GoProof occasionally for small file projects, it’s ideal for you.

What is a user?

Users are people that can share content for review and require a GoProof licence. We call them Publishers. This would normally be a graphic designer, an internal team manager or a freelancer sharing work with collaborators, for example.

Do I pay for collaborators?

No, it’s free for them. You can invite as many collaborators as you want to review, edit and approve work. The only charge is the GoProof Publisher licence.

How much does GoProof PRO and ENTERPRISE cost?

In general terms, PRO is the upgrade option for single users such as freelancers. ENTERPRISE is for multiple users with much bigger functionality and scalability. However, all creatives have different requirements and we’d hate to misquote you, so please use the ENQUIRE NOW button above and we’ll make sure you get a package and price that is perfect for you.

Is there any restriction on how many proofs I can send out?

No, you can send out as many as you want as long as your storage package allows for it.

How many users can I have in the Free Trial?

In the Free Trial version you can have as many as you want, so you can experience a team environment before choosing to purchase ENTERPRISE.

I have more than one designer sharing content, would I need ENTERPRISE?

Yes, the ENTERPRISE package is for multiple users sharing content for review.  Use the ENQUIRE NOW button above to get a custom price for your team.

Does the Free Trial work with Adobe Creative Cloud?

Yes, the Free Trial version has our unique deep integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. Get the GoProof extension for Adobe CC.

How much storage do I get in the Free Trial?

There is 10mb of available storage to use in the Free Trial version. Once this has been used up, your trial period has been completed and you can choose to upgrade to PRO or ENTERPRISE from within the software.

Can I book a web demo?

Yes, you can book your own demo here using our online calendar at any time, regardless of what package you are using.

Is the Free Trial the full version of GoProof?

No, the Free Trial is limited by functionality and storage. To experience the full version of GoProof, use the ENQUIRE NOW button above.

Does the GoProof mobile app work with the Free Trial?

Yes, the mobile app works with all packages. You just need to sign in to the mobile app with the email and password from your free account once you have created it.


Got any other questions? Use the green button in the bottom right-hand corner to talk or leave us a message!