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Learn how to enhance your Oppolis ecosystem skills for GoProof and more in rapid time by watching our fast-track videos.

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Give your designer a voice
See how designers can choose not to make a change requested by collaborators and give a reason why.
Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 35s
Make it simple to compare design versions
The Blink Compare function in the History tab is great for flicking back and forth between different versions in the creative journey.
Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 25s
Shorten approval times when proofing in high volume
How to switch on our Fast-Track Sign Off for one-click approvals.
Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 34s
Send combined projects for proof
See how to combine a number of files together and send them for proof in one batch rather than individually.
Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 32s
Lock down sensitive content
Need extra security on a proof? Add password protection so collaborators have to log in to view it.
Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 33s
Deliver assets to designers through GoProof
Learn how to share images, videos, documents and more through GoProof rather than through separate emails or file drops.
Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 42s


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