How it works

GoProof’s kick-ass copy editing function for InDesign CC starts with the designer making text boxes available for edit.

Once the proof arrives with collaborators, they can change the copy in the selected text boxes and then wait for Gatekeepers to request changes in the normal way, which pushes the copy edits back into the designer’s InDesign CC panel.

Designers simply accept (or reject!) them into the .indd document and produce the new version. Hey presto.

Anyone can edit copy… if you let them

GoProof is flexible to allow designers to choose who can make the edits.

All your Gatekeepers and Reviewers can be selected if it’s best for the project, as there’s no restriction on the numbers you can have.

It’s your call on how many editors you want. And you can make this call every time you send a new version for review.

Stop the text box busters

The GoProof Copy Editor is clever. It knows when a text box is going to get smashed to pieces.

Thanks to the in-built preview feature, it warns editors in an instant that their new copy is not going to work in the current layout and go try something different.

This can save hours in PDF recreation and emailing time. It’s the future of content editing.

GoProof cuts the copy editing process down by 50%


Just think of the pain that designers, managers and clients go through for something as simple as adding a comma into a sentence. GoProof strips that process right back.

Users experience up to 50% efficiency savings by cutting out dead time spent emailing replacement copy and waiting for designers to produce new PDFs.

And not forgetting the next phase of the workflow, which is receiving another email from designers saying the new copy doesn’t fit the layout.

No Adobe CC licences needed for collaborators

Really? Yep, you heard us right.

GoProof places the content from InDesign in front of collaborators on the GoProof website portal. They don’t need InDesign, InCopy or any other Adobe product to view and edit it.

And remember, you can invite as many collaborators as you want. Literally. You just need their email address.

Share the love with copywriters

Getting content passed smoothly between copywriters and designers can be tricky. Understanding the available space and weight of impact is difficult for freelancers and remote writers.

In GoProof, designers and copywriters work in perfect harmony. The Copy Editor functionality puts the latest design document right in front of copywriters. It’s a platform for them to try anything, saving hours in text changes and battles over content space.

Unlimited copy editors

See instant previews of changes

Know if a killer comma will impact designs

Created for InDesign documents

Ideal for freelance copywriters

No InDesign licences needed for editors