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Automated proofing workflows

Automated proofing workflows

Learn how to build, send and track proofing workflows that automatically move proofs along from one group of people to the next in a sequential order.

August 21st, 2020 Running Time: 3m 58s

Easily submit and edit copy on Adobe InDesign documents

In this GoProof webinar, we introduce a game-changing new cloud-based workflow to empower copywriters using InCopy and graphic designers using InDesign to work so much better together.

March 10th, 2020 Running Time: 25m 24s

Get started by uploading a proof

Learn how easy GoProof is for uploading a creative design proof in PDF or image format and sharing it with collaborators for review.

July 20th, 2018 Running time: 7m 00s

Installing and using the Adobe Creative Cloud add-on

This video zeros in on where to find the free GoProof Adobe Creative Cloud add-on and how to use it to send proofs directly from Adobe CC apps such as InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Apr 11th, 2018 Running time: 15m 04s

How to send your first proof

This webinar looks at sending a proof directly from Adobe Creative Cloud using the add-on, showing how design changes requested by collaborators automatically make their way back into the CC add-on for designers to easily carry out ready for version 2.

July 20th, 2018 Running time: 7m 00s


Give your designer a voice

See how designers can choose not to make a change requested by collaborators and give a reason why.

Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 35s

Make it simple to compare design versions

The Blink Compare function in the History tab is great for flicking back and forth between different versions in the creative journey.

Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 25s

Allow collaborators to make text edits

Learn how to select text boxes on Adobe InDesign® CC documents and make them editable for collaborators in GoProof, so they can see how their copy changes look on the actual proof.

Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 1m 16s

Shorten approval times when proofing in high volume

How to switch on our Fast-Track Sign Off for one-click approvals.

Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 34s

Send combined projects for proof

See how to combine a number of files together and send them for proof in one batch rather than individually.

Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 32s

Lock down sensitive content

Need extra security on a proof? Add password protection so collaborators have to log in to view it.

Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 33s

Deliver assets to designers through GoProof

Learn how to share images, videos, documents and more through GoProof rather than through separate emails or file drops.

Nov 12th, 2018. Running time: 0m 42s