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Online proofing ebooks for 2020 free from GoProof

— Jump links: ONLINE PROOFING EBOOK: What is Online Proofing? ONLINE PROOFING EBOOK: 7 Steps to Successful Online Proofing Real customer reviews for online proofing Connecting outside with the creative community — Online proofing has established itself as a must-have productivity workflow for creative and marketing teams. We’ve been successfully building online proofing software for years now and when we

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Hey there, Insights! Go check out your proofing activity

The all-new Insights reporting dashboard is here! Get ready for some eye-opening proofing stats on your reviews, clients, projects and users! Insights is a new interactive zone in GoProof that gets you under the hood of your proofing performance. It helps you see the true picture of what’s going on with your clients focusing on one of the most important

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Create Users and Send Proofs via the New ‘Send for Proof’ Wizard

Our new ‘Send for Proof’ wizard is here. It sits in your GoProof Adobe CC extension panel and makes it super easy to set up users and get work approved. It’s so slick you’ll feel like a hero using it! You don’t need to set up your Reviewers and Gatekeepers before starting a project now. It’s done from within your

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