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Zoom on Collaborator Markups in Adobe CC Add-On to see Comments

Here’s a feature that will sing sweet nothings to designers and video producers using the GoProof Adobe Creative Cloud add-on for Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. Zooming into the proof visual to see markups up close. The tiniest markups can sometimes be difficult to interpret 100% accurately when using the regular display size in the add-on. Especially on text-heavy

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Draw Tool Added to the Markup List Making it 10 Proofing Options

Here’s something that will make collaborators smile! We’ve hit double figures in our proofing tool stack with the introduction of the Draw tool. Our new markup option sits between Box and Strike in the drop-down list and empowers collaborators to add freehand drawings to the proof. As with all other tools, Draw can be selected into a number of different

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