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Collaborators can now compare proof versions in the blink of an eye

At GoProof we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in our online proofing software for Adobe Creative Cloud. Collaborators being able to compare proof versions in the blink of an eye is another incredible feature released in the latest version. We’ve been building deep integration Adobe CS and CC extensions for over 15 years, always delving for evolutionary

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Compare current and previous versions of a proof on screen

Hey everyone, log in to GoProof right now and you can see we’ve given you one of the biggest requests so far… Comparing the current version of a proof on screen with one of the older ones! Yes. We’ve done it. You’ll find the compare proof tool on the History tab on the right-hand sidebar of the proof screen. Previously

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Yes Yes YES, InDesigners! Send page ranges for proof!

So who’s using GoProof and InDesign? You are? Great. You’re gonna love this. It’s a great way to proof only a selection of pages from your documents rather than sending the whole shebang. More flexibility for large publications and issues Faster Send Proof processing from InDesign Quicker file viewing in GoProof Multiple designers proofing the same document Clarity on exactly

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