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Being An Efficient and Mobile Freelance Designer

GoProof and Adobe Creative Cloud user Stacy Trager from IdeaWorks Design in Grayslake, Illinois talks openly about how efficiency and being mobile drives profitability for freelancers in today’s design world.  LISTEN TO STACY I am a freelancer, I’ve been in business since 2006 and I originally started working in Michigan and we moved to the Chicago area for my husband’s

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‘Strike a highlight, me old china!’ Introducing the ADD COMMENT button, new proofing tools and refreshed toolbar

GoProof’s got a new markup button and toolbar! The button is called ADD COMMENT and comes with a nice surprise… two new proofing tools to make marking up text and copy passages more detailed than ever. Marking copy errors such as typos, spelling mistakes and duplicated segments are the most regular annotations reviewers make on proofs, so we wanted to make it

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Yes Yes YES, InDesigners! Send page ranges for proof!

So who’s using GoProof and InDesign? You are? Great. You’re gonna love this. It’s a great way to proof only a selection of pages from your documents rather than sending the whole shebang. More flexibility for large publications and issues Faster Send Proof processing from InDesign Quicker file viewing in GoProof Multiple designers proofing the same document Clarity on exactly

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