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View your creative project media in page flipper portfolio mode

WATCH DEMO The new version of our online proofing software is flippin’ fantastic. You guys have been nudging us to drop an old skool view mode into GoProof. And you know what? We’re happy to deliver on it! Why not? So here it is, say a big Wassup! to the page flipper portfolio view. Yeah, you thought the page turner

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Stop emailing and file-transferring Adobe Creative Cloud projects already!

Getting big and fat Adobe CC files over to colleagues for proofing is still a painful experience. Email is the staple sharer but only works for smaller files. How many times have you sent someone an email, it left your Outbox but they never got it? And then along came file sharing and transferring using FTP, which was driven on

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Make gains in design productivity by proofing Adobe CC design projects without exporting PDFs

Exporting a new PDF every single time a change is made and then trying to share it with everyone at the same time – when you’ve only just asked them to view a different version a half hour ago. Sound familiar? Cutting out the export process has been a designer’s dream for years. It’s a total drag and wastes so

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