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New proofing software email notifications with iOS 13 Dark Mode compatibility

Dark times are upon us. Scary, right? Wrong! It’s awesome! This month sees the release of the highly anticipated Dark Mode in iOS 13, which made us think about our online proofing software notification emails and how they roll in Dark Mode. Mac OS Mojave, released in 2018, already has Dark Mode and now it’s time for Apple’s mobile operating

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Best proofing software and collaboration platform for creatives and marketing teams. That’s our mission.

PLAY VIDEO The best proofing software and collaboration platform for Adobe Creative Cloud designers and marketing teams. That’s our mission, and as we look at 2019 so far, we’re sure pushing hard in that direction. Our latest video gives us the chance to highlight some of the huge breakthroughs we’ve made in improving creative collaboration this year. Take a look

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Happy 20th birthday, Adobe InDesign

The year was 1998. Microsoft had just become the biggest company in the world. Google (with an exclamation mark!) was unveiled, the single Euro currency was born and Titanic bagged 11 Oscars at the 70th Academy Awards. Meanwhile, a new product coming out of PageMaker – codenamed Shuksan by the ‘94 Adobe-acquired company Aldus and then later codenamed K2 –

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