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GoProof is now part of the Oppolis Cloud

We’re stoked to announce GoProof’s position as a core app in the Oppolis Cloud ecosystem. The Oppolis Cloud is one big happy family of products that transforms the way marketing teams design, collaborate and publish content. The Oppolis Cloud is deeply immersed in Adobe® Creative Cloud® integration, channeling shortcuts and productivity gains for users of InDesign, InCopy, Illustrator, Premiere Pro

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Use the Teams feature to manage multiple reviews of a single proof at the same time

Our Customer Success Team gets asked a lot if there’s a way in GoProof to split out a review for different sets of collaborators. You bet there is. It’s called Teams. First, let’s paint the picture so you get the context. You have a proof you want to send out to a bunch of people. Thing is, those people are

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Visit the new GoProof Support Centre for advanced learning and FAQs

Software is constantly going through evolutionary changes and GoProof is no exception. Recently we refreshed the proofing zone to make collaboration much easier, which involved repositioning icons, changing button labels and enhancing the overall UI when proofing work. And we’ve added French and German language translations to this area of the software to help global customers approve work faster. (There’s

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