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One Click to Make Every Text Box on Adobe InDesign® CC Proofs Editable for Collaborators

Here’s a great new feature for the GoProof Copy Editor for Adobe InDesign® CC. The Copy Editor allows proof senders using InDesign CC to make text boxes on their document editable by collaborators in GoProof. They can change copy inside these boxes for themselves and see what their edits would look like on the document. So for example, if they

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Speed Injection and Cleaner Interface for the InDesign CC Copy Editor

Here’s a nice little surprise for 4th July week. Our techies have given the Copy Editor – our tool for collaborators to edit text on proofs sent from Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud – a holiday upgrade. First, the interface. We’ve made it easier for collaborators to filter and view the text boxes by organizing the layout better. When opening the

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How Clients Can Change Text on InDesign CC Proofs Using the GoProof Copy Editor

The killer comma. Clients just don’t get it. How something so insignificant can bust your InDesign text boxes and cause total destruction. You can’t really blame the client for it though, as they’re not directly exposed to the jigsaw puzzle that is your design template and can’t put it directly into a visual context. Here’s the scenario. The copy arrives

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