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Introducing the new GoProof collaborative workflow for Adobe® InCopy® CC

Writing copy. It comes in so many guises. The current Copy Editor in GoProof allows collaborators to make quick text edits on proofs, cutting out separate email trails and making content life a ton easier. That’s awesome for many growing creative teams – but what about the process for more complex stories submitted by Adobe® InCopy® CC users? The kind

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Declutter your client workspace and dashboard with this new feature

We’ve rolled out a new feature request this week which helps proof senders declutter their client workspace and proof dashboard. When you start accumulating a ton of clients you have finished working on for now – and those clients are crammed with multiple projects and proofs – they can start getting in the way of all your other projects. It’s

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New Email Notification with Image Previews and a Sign Off Button

Our mission to make creative approval easy for collaborators continues to burn rubber with the new email notification template. It’s a preference option offering you a neat choice on how to deliver and run your workflow with collaborators. So what’s the big deal? What’s in the new email template? Image previews from the proof. Collaborators will see a thumbnail image

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