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What is the best proofing software for Adobe?

GoProof is the best proofing software for Adobe in 2019. That’s what we truly believe – and here’s why. We’ll start with our rich history of having developed Adobe integrations for 22 years, right from the pre-release of Adobe InDesign in 1997. During these 22 years of experience as an Adobe developer, we’ve built a tight relationship with the Adobe

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Free eBook: Why You Should Be Using Adobe InCopy In Your Content Creation Process

GET FREE EBOOK So we’ve done some digging into a major frustration of a ton of creative design and marketing teams we talk to. And these teams often have pretty tight workflows already. It’s around the area of content creation and collaboration, specifically for teams using Adobe® InDesign® to produce digital and print layout work. We’ve done all the research

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Press Release: Adobe® InCopy® Collaboration Launch

GOPROOF DEVELOPS A NEXT GEN ADOBE INCOPY COLLABORATION PROCESS IN ITS CLOUD ECOSYSTEM GoProof has launched a new platform for users of Adobe InCopy and Adobe InDesign software which promises to transform the working relationship between copywriters, designers and their collaborators. In the latest version of the GoProof web app and the GoProof extension for Adobe Creative Cloud available at

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