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Adobe Creative Cloud designers can mark changes as Done or Not Done and give reasons why

Sometimes Adobe Creative Cloud designers need to use their expertise and give their opinion on collaborator requests. That’s what they’re being paid to do after all. They should be able to mark changes as Done or Not Done and give reasons why, not just have to suck it up and do as they’re told. As review rounds are completed and

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Collaborate in native languages, starting right now with French

At GoProof HQ this year, we’ve been laying the foundations for enhanced global creative collaboration. Many of our users often talk with each other in different languages, especially when approving Adobe Creative Cloud work across different continents. English is a universal language people seek to learn but to really be accurate with feedback on worldwide projects, we know that native

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Esmark Finch explains how GoProof saved them time with their proofing process

WATCH INTERVIEW [Running time: 3m 24s] DARRAGH: Here at Esmark Finch we offer a full range of services from design right through to production. We have facilities on site for large format work – we do all sorts of brochures, corporate documents, point of sale collateral – really anything that could be required we’re able to find a way to

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