What do I do once I have finished reviewing a proof?

This document is intended to guide you through the available options once you have finished reviewing a proof.

Once you have finished reviewing a proof, if your role is a reviewer,  you will need to notify a gatekeeper that you have finished making your comments. If you are a gatekeeper, you will want to send the proof comments back to the designer, so they can start making the requested amends.

The options available will depend on your role within the review process.

If you are not sure what your role is, check your GoProof review invitation. This email includes your Role for the proofing cycle.

GoPoof email

For information on roles please see below.


A Publisher is the person that has sent you the proof. They are usually the designer or the person responsible for the content creation.


Reviewers are clients, colleagues and others who receive invitations from Publishers to view proofs and give feedback on them. A Reviewer cannot send the a proof to a designer to Request Changes, neither can they Sign Off a proof.


Gatekeepers are like Reviewers but with more responsibility. They can Request Changes to be made to a proof. They also have the authority to Sign Off proofs once they are happy with them.

Once a document has been sent back to the designer with any Requested Changes or Signed Off, no further comments can be made by anyone during this review round. A Gatekeeper would Request Changes or Sign Off once all the reviewers have finished their feedback.


Observers simply look at proofs without submitting any comments on them. This read-only access is ideal for occasional sharing or allowing someone to see proofs without affecting the review process.

In order to complete your role within this review round, click the Done Button. The options displayed will depend on your role.

Reviewer Done

I am a Reviewer

Reviewers get a choice of two. The first is the CLOSE option and the second is COMPLETE.

CLOSE is for when you want to come back to the proof as you want to make additional comments.

COMPLETE is for when you have made all your comments and are happy to say you’re done with giving feedback. It lets the Gatekeeper know that you won’t be adding anything else for this review round. Once completed, you can no longer add further comments.

Reviewer Done

I am a Gatekeeper

For Gatekeepers, the full menu opens up.

CLOSE is for when you want to come back to the proof as you want to make additional comments.

REQUEST CHANGES is used to tell the designer, that the review process is over for this review round and they can start making any amends to the document.

SIGN OFF, which finalises it and ends the proofing process completely and there are no further changes that need to be made.

Gatekeeper Done

I am an Observer

Observers get a simple DONE option as they can only look at work and not make any comments on it.

That’s It! You have completed your role for this review round. If the Proof was Signed Off then the entire proofing process is now over. However, if it was Sent Back for amends to be made, you can expect to receive another invitation from the designer to feedback on the next version of the proof.