What are the different types of GoProof User Roles?

This article will explain what the different types of GoProof Users and their role within the GoProof system.

When reviewing a proof, there are often different members of the proofing workflow that have different responsibilities.
GoProof incorporates these different roles within the system enabling a quick and efficient review process.

See below for an understanding of each GoProof Role.


Publisher is a person that has sent you the proof. They are usually the designer or the person responsible for content creation.


Reviewers are clients, colleagues and others who receive invitations from Publishers to view proofs and give feedback on them. A Reviewer cannot send a proof to a designer to Request Changes, neither can they Sign Off a proof, Their role is to feedback on the proof only.


Gatekeepers are like Reviewers but with more responsibility. They can Request Changes to be made to a proof. They also have the authority to Sign Off proofs once they are happy with them.

A Gatekeeper would Request Changes or Sign Off once all the reviewers have finished their feedback. If sending a proof to a single person to review, they must be a Gatekeeper in order to send the proof back to the Publisher.


Observers simply look at proofs without submitting any comments on them. This read-only access is ideal for occasional sharing or allowing someone to see proofs without affecting the review process.

Account Manager

Most creative, advertising and marketing agencies have dedicated people looking after client relationships. Account Managers sit between Publishers and Collaborators, acting as a barrier for the Publisher and a single point of contact for the Collaborators.