Signing into the GoProof website for the first time

This article is intended to guide you through the GoProof wizard, when you first sign in to GoProof after creating your account.

Once you have created your GoProof password, the GoProof wizard is displayed. The GoProof wizard will take you through everything you need to get you started.

GoPoof wizard

There are two methods to sending a Proof, the GoProof Adobe Add-On for CC applications and the GoProof File Uploader. Select the option that describes how you want to send your Proofs. For more information on how to send a proof click on one of the options below.

Share and approve Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator design proofs directly from the Adobe CC add-on without saving or converting to PDF!

Use Adobe CC

1. Enter your Client name and click Next.

Note: Clients are the companies or people you are designing for, such as Pepsi or AT&T.

GoProof Add A Client

2. Enter a Project name and click Next.

Note: The creative work you are designing for your client is called a Project. This could be a sales brochure, some web banners or a logo for example.

GoProof Add A Project

3. To send your content directly from a supported Adobe CC application, you will need to install the Adobe CC Add-On, click Install Adobe CC Add-on.

Note: To install the GoProof Add-On, you will be directed to the Adobe Add-Ons site. Follow the on screen instructions on how to install the Add-On.

GoProof Send Artwork

4. Click Next on the Comment and Approve screen.

5. Choose between proofing your own documents, Start Proofing, and going through some practice reviews using some of our practice documents.

GoProof Practice or Start Proofing

You are now ready to send your first Proof. See How do I send a Proof? – Adobe CC Add-On for instructions on how to do this.

Don’t use Adobe CC? No problem! Easily upload and share files like PDFs and JPGs to get group comments and approvals all in one place.

Use Uploader

1. The File Uploader screen will be displayed.

GoProof Uploader screen

2. For Instructions on how to use the GoProof File Uploader see How do I send a Proof – GoProof File Uploader?