How do I set proof deadlines?

This article is intended to guide you through setting a proof deadline, action and reminder.

GoProof enables a publisher the ability to set a deadline when sending a Proof to collaborators. You can set a deadline date and time, an action you want to trigger when the deadline expires. You can also set automatic reminders, which will prompt your collaborators to proof your work, before the deadline expires.

1. Send the proof  to your collaborators in the usual way. However, during the Send Proof Wizard process, when you see the below screen, you will be able to configure your deadlines.


2. To set a deadline, click Set under the Set Deadline section. Choose the Date and Time you want the proof cycle to expire.

Deadlines set

3. You can add an action to your deadline. For example, if you want to close the review cycle and send the proof back to the designer as it is, then choose an option from the dropdown.


4. To send an automated reminder to your collaborators, click Add under the Add Reminder section. Choose the Date and Time you want you want the reminder to be sent.

Set reminder

Note: You can add as many reminders as you like.

5. Once you are all done, click Next to continue with the GoProof wizard as normal, following any on screen prompts.