How do I send a Proof to a Copy Editor?

This article is intended to guide you through sending a proof to a GoProof Copy Editor

This feature is available to GoProof Enterprise users only

Once you have setup your InDesign document, you should send the proof to your copy editor in the same way you would send any proof to any collaborator. However, during the send proof wizard process, when you see the below screen, you will need to select which of your collaborators will be the copy editor(s) for this review round.

GoProof collaborators

Check the T icon next to the collaborator’s name that will require the copy editor role for this review round. Once you have selected all the copy editors, click Next.

set copy editor role

Tip! Don’t worry! If you need to add another copy editor at a later stage of the review cycle, you can add them on the Reviewers tab, on the Proof editor screen.

Continue with the GoProof wizard as normal, following any on screen prompts.