How do I review feedback in Adobe CC?

This article is intended to guide publisher users through reviewing feedback from Gatekeepers and Reviewers.

1. Open your Adobe CC application.

2. Sign in to the GoProof Add-On.

3. Click the Reviews Tab.

GoProof Reviewing

4. Select the required Client and Project, from the first two, drop down menus.

GoProof Clients

5. The document name will be listed, twist down the arrow on the left hand side.

GoProof Documents

6. If any comments have been made, they will be listed in the Add-On.

GoProof Comment List

7. Click View to see a comment.

GoProof Comments

a. You can cycle through all the comments by clicking the Next and Prev buttons. As you cycle through the comments, the corresponding comment will be displayed on the preview of the document.
b. If you have completed the amend on the document you can click the Completed check box and add in a time taken for some reporting later on.

8. Once you have made the required amendments, you can send the document back to be reviewed again.