How do I review a Proof?

This document is intended to guide you through reviewing a proof.

In order to review a proof, you will need to have been invited to do so by a publisher. You will have received an email notification with a link embedded that will take you to the proof.

1. Click on the View Proof button within the GoProof review email.

GoPoof email2

2. The proof will automatically open in a web browser.

GoPoof Review

3. As a Reviewer or a Gatekeeper there are various tools that can be used in order to review a proof. These are available on the green toolbar within a proof window.

GoPoof Review Tools

See What are the different types of review commenting tools in GoProof? for more information on the GoProof Comment Tools

4. Once you have finished reviewing the proof, Click the Done Button.

Reviewer Done

See our support article What do i do once i have finished reviewing a proof? for more information on how to finish the proofing process for a review round.