How do I review sent content?

This document is intended to guide you through reviewing a proof.

In order to review a proof, you will need to have been invited to do so by a publisher. You will have received an email notification with a link inside.

1. Click on the link within the GoProof review email.

GoProof Review Email

The document will automatically open in a web browser.


2. If you are reviewing a document with more than one page, you can select the different pages by clicking on the page icon Untitled2 on the left hand side. This will expand the side bar and display all the pages in the document. Click on the page you want to review.

3. There are multiple ways in which you can make a comment on a proof. These can be found in the green bar above the review proof.

GoProof Menu Bar

  • Push Pin – This is used to comment on a precise area of a proof.
  • Box Comment – This is used to free draw a box comment on the proof.
  • Cross Comment – Normally used as a quick visual reference that a specific item is incorrect i.e. Price or item number.
  • Tick Comment – Normally used as a quick visual reference that a specific item is correct i.e. Price or item number.

Select the appropriate comment tool and click on the area of the proof you want to comment on.

4. Once you have placed your comment, a dialog box will appear for you to enter your comment text. Click Save to add your comment to the proof.

GoProof Comment

5. You will be able to see all of your comments and any other comments that have been made by the other Reviewers and Gatekeepers under the Comments tab, on the right hand side. To see a comment, click on the comment box to expand it. Here you will be able to view a comment and reply to any comments made by other users.

6. Once you have finished making all of your comments, click the Done button. From The dropdown menu, select Complete. This will notify the Gatekeeper that you have finished making comments for this review round. If you select Complete, you are unable to make any further comments on this review round.

To close your review session and come back to it later, click the Close instead.

Done ButtonTest

More useful information can be found on the Reviewers tab. Information such as which other Reviewers and Gatekeepers have seen the document, whether they have completed the document. You can view other users contact details or if you need to prompt someone to take a look at the document, you can give them a nudge.

GoProof Reviewers

If you need to check previous versions of the document, you can view them by visiting the History tab.

7. If you are a Gatekeeper, you will notice two additional options in the dropdown menu: Send Back and Sign Off.

  • Send Back – This is used to tell the publisher that all the reviewers have finished making their comments and they can start to make any amendments. Gatekeepers and Reviewers will not be able to make any additional comments while the document has been sent back.
  • Sign Off – This is used when there are no additional amendments to be made and you are happy with the final version.