How do I add another Reviewer, Gatekeeper or Observer to my review?

This article is intended to guide you through adding additional Reviewers, Gatekeepers and Observers to an existing document in review. Only a Gatekeeper can add users to an existing review.

1. Login to GoProof

2. Open the proof you want to add the Reviewer, Gatekeeper or Observer to, from the Review Dashboard. Alternatively, access the document via the link in the GoProof review email.

3. Select the Collaborators tab.

Collaborators Tab4. Enter the additional user’s email address in the Add User field. If you have added the user to this client previously, then their name will automatically display. Click the user’s name it to add them.

Collaborators Tab add

Alternatively, if they are a new user, you will need to enter their details and the role they require.

GoProof add user

4. Press the OK button to add the user to the collaborator’s list.

The newly added user will be emailed advising that there is document ready for them to review.