How do I edit text?

This article is intended to guide a reviewer/gatekeeper through editing a proof’s text.

In order to review a proof, you will need to have been invited to do so by a publisher. You will have received an email notification with a link embedded that will take you to the proof.

1. Click on the View Proof button within the GoProof review email.

GoPoof email2

2. The proof will automatically open in a web browser.

3. One the tool bar, click Edit Story.

GoProof Stores Edit Story

4. On the right, the proof stories are displayed. Click on the story to expand it and select a component to edit.

GoProof Stores Edit Story component list

Note: You can select a component by double clicking on the T icon on the preview or by expanding the component name in the story list. 

GoProof Stores Edit Story component T

5. Make any required changes to the text.

GoProof Stores Edit Story component edited

Note: The preview on the left will update to preview any changes you have made.

6. Once you have finished making changes, click Save.

7. Once you have finished making all your changes, send the document back to the designer by selecting the Request Changes option from the Done menu.