How do I assign an Account Manager to a Client?

This article is intended to assist you in how to assign an Account Manager to a Client?

This feature is available to GoProof Enterprise users only

What is an Account Manager?

The Account Manager is a person who’s role sits between the Publisher (the designer) and the Collaborator (the client). The Account Manager is the person who takes over responsibility and sends proofs across to clients.

Assigning an Account Manager

In order to assign an Account Manager to a Client, you need to be a GoProof account admin for your company’s account.

1. Login to GoProof

2. Click the Users button.

3.Click on the Assignments button for the user you want to set as an Account Manager.

Note: The Account Manager user requires an Active GoProof license.

4. Highlight the Client Name, that the selected user will be the Account Manager for, from the list of Current Clients.

Account Manager Select Client
Note: If your users is not part of the Client, select the Client from under the Other Clients list and click Join

5. Select Account Manager from the Roles Within Selected Client area.

Account Manager Select Role

That’s it! You have assigned an Account Manager to a Client.