Help Sheets

Bite-sized help sheets for GoProof online proofing software

Getting Started

Creating a GoProof account

Installing the GoProof Extension

Adobe CC Add-on Troubleshooting

Installing the Copy Editor plugins for InDesign

Getting started with GoVersion


How do I send a proof?

How do I review a Proof?

Review commenting tools in GoProof

How do I attach and manage files?

What do I do once I have finished reviewing a proof?

How Do I Add other files to a Project?

How Do I Send a Project?

How Do I Send Multiple Files For Review?

How Do I Send a Video for review?

Using Questions and Mentions

Reviewing feedback in GoProof

Reviewing feedback in Adobe CC

How to Setup and send a Copy Editor Proof

How to send a proof to a Copy Editor

How to edit Proof text

How to import edited Proof text

Assigning an Account Manager to a Client

Sending a proof to an Account Manager

I am an Account Manager and have received a proof from the Publisher (Designer). What do I do next?

I am an Account Manager and have received a proof back from my Client. What do I do next?

What are the different GoProof User Roles

Review Dashboard Icons

GoProof Mobile app for iOS and Android

Print my proofs and comments

How do I set proof deadlines?

Can I send a proof that requires a password to review?

Account & User Management

Email Domain Configuration

Email Template Customisation

Create a new Client or Project

Delete Clients, Projects and Proofs

The different type of GoProof users

Add Reviewers, Gatekeepers or Observers

Add an Internal Publisher

How do I cancel my GoProof subscription?

How Do I Update my Billing details?

How do I move a document to a different Client or Project?