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"I can’t believe we even did it thatway after using GoProof!"
Todd Nelson
Associate Director
“It’s seamless. We’re happy with it!”
Sarah Duncan
Publishing Creative Director
"Streamlines the process a ton, compared to when we had paper proofs routings in the office before.”
Jason Smith
Creative Director
Brewers Association
“We needed a better way to proof. GoProof allowed us to save 10 hours a week, if not more.”
Darragh Kelly
Esmark Finch Ltd
"Ultimately the sign-off process is so much easier for our clients.”
Graeme Smith
Cyan Group
“It so easy to use, it’s actually easier than marking up a PDF”
Mike Saunders
Bonfire Creative Intelligence
“I’m a big fan of technology that makes it easier to collaborate and GoProof certainly does that.”
Anne-Marie Concepcion
InDesign Secrets, CreativePro,
“GoProof has made good use of Adobe Creative Cloud by giving access directly within tools like, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, which streamlines the review process for creative teams.”
Drew Endick
Creative Cloud Partnership Adobe


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