Mobile App Creative Collaboration


Optimised creative proofing and collaboration for mobile devices


Effortless collaborator experience

Collaborators need the flexibility to access and review proofs wherever, whenever

Thanks to some neat dynamic linking in the notification emails, GoProof automatically opens document proofs for collaborators in the new native app if they’re on their phone or tablet.

They get push notifications landing on their lock screen to alert them of new proofs and comments. Their subway journey suddenly becomes more productive.

It’s proofing as it should be. Collaborators are going to love it.

Simplified reviewing process

An easier workflow for collaborators to get approvals done fast.

If collaborators are on a phone, chances are they won’t have much time to spare. That’s why we’ve made it faster for them to make decisions on work.

Now they can filter on proofs by status, make comments and give approvals in a few seconds – or take a deeper look when they’re back at their desktop.

It’s flexible around their work lifestyle.

Simplified reviewing process

Often, especially when proofing in high volumes, all it takes is a quick glance from a collaborator to give approval on something. No messing around.

They can say ‘I’m happy! Let’s get it done!’ just by tapping SIGN OFF at the top of the proof, fast-tracking it through.

Wrap it up and move on to the next one.

Free to download

Collaborators don’t need Adobe CC

Optimized for quick design decisions

Pinch to zoom for total accuracy

Push notifications hit lock screens

Fits around today’s work : life balance