Make gains in design productivity by proofing Adobe CC design projects without exporting PDFs

Exporting a new PDF every single time a change is made and then trying to share it with everyone at the same time – when you’ve only just asked them to view a different version a half hour ago. Sound familiar?

Cutting out the export process has been a designer’s dream for years. It’s a total drag and wastes so much studio time, especially with large, media-heavy projects.

Show live content openly for review without exporting all the time and you’ll see massive productivity gains. Think how often you’ve missed the subway ride home, or missed a deadline because you’re trying to get work seen.

And it’s now possible with Adobe CC because it’s cloud-based, meaning content is online and just needs to be hooked in and displayed in a place where latest versions are automatically updated.

Hey, it’s 2016! Collaboration is easier if done right. Give it a try.