Next level creative productivity

GoProof places a ton of new functionality in the hands of designers to organise work, save time, cut errors and encourage deeper collaboration.

Proof resolution and page ranges

Depending on how text-heavy or detailed your design is, you can choose from 144dpi to 600dpi resolution to send proofs at, so you can view and zoom in clarity.

Select the entire document to send for proof or, if you’re using InDesign, choose page ranges so you can zero in on the key changes without confusion. In Illustrator, choosing multiple artboards works too.

Insights puts an end to swallowed costs and lost profit.

Attach original files and print-ready PDFs

GoProof is a great way to share large documents securely without using a disconnected file service like Dropbox.

Original CC design files can be included with the proof and PDFs can be auto-generated to the exact format you want from your pre-defined InDesign options, like a print-ready one.

Collaborators easily download your files from the toolbar when they view the proof itself. And there’s no restriction on file size, so you can attach whatever you want.

Collaborator Engagement

Deciding who to send to can vary. It often depends on the status of the approval process and who is currently responsible or interested in it.
In GoProof, designers can easily choose who to send proofs to by entering their contact details at the point of sending a proof for review.

These contacts can be grouped up for quick selection next time and there is flexibility to add or remove collaborators on every version that’s shared for review.

As for the roles of the collaborators in the process, there are three to pick from in GoProof which are Reviewer, Gatekeeper and the new Observer role, which is restricted for view-only access.

Gatekeepers can be changed for each proof round by the designer and also by the Gatekeepers themselves.

Deadlines & Reminders

Most projects carry a strict publishing or launch deadline.

GoProof helps you work even closer with your collaborators with options to set a deadline and multiple reminders when sending proofs through.

The invitations sent out to invite and remind collaborators can be rewritten, rebranded, sent from your email domain and customised for when they get them.

Deadlines are clearly visible from the main dashboard and you can set an automatic action to happen if it’s passed without a sign off or change request taking place.

Carrying out requested changes

GoProof has an enriched experience for designers for when changes are sent back from review.

The changes automatically arrive back in the CC panel and can be stepped through one by one by the designer, with the ability to tick a change when it’s done.

Time spent can be logged against each change, which can be viewed and interrogated using Insights.

More than just InDesign files

A deeper benefit of GoProof lies outside of InDesign CC, as you can proof Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC documents as well as InDesign CC ones. Once the extension is installed in Id, you will see it appear in Ps and Ai ready to go.

And to make it even more universal for your team, the in-built file uploader supports the proofing of PDF, JPG, PNG and other export files with full versioning control.

Add unlimited collaborators yourself
Send proofs directly from Adobe CC
Set deadlines and add reminders for feedback

Receive changes back into Adobe CC
Log time spent on each change
Use Insights to report on projects


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