GoProof is the ultimate Illustrator and Photoshop CC add-on for proofing designs

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"I’m a big fan of any technology that makes it easier to collaborate on projects, and GoProof certainly does so.”
Anne-Marie Concepcion IndesignSecrets, CreativePro,

“GoProof has made good use of the Creative Cloud platform by building a panel that gives their customers access to GoProof directly within Adobe tools like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC, which streamlines the review and approval process for creative teams.” Drew Endick Creative Cloud Partnerships, Adobe

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Upload, share, review and approve InDesign CC files and exports

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Proof straight out of Photoshop & Illustrator

Design dreams can come true.

When you’re ready to share your design for feedback GoProof snapshots the .psd and .ai content as a proof and publishes it in one online place for collaborative review.

See comments, annotations, thumb tacks and check marks appear directly on your shared content and not on separate PDFs!

Get ready for some team love.



No More PDF Exports

No more PDF exports or markups

You’re done having to export a PDF every time you make a change – just hit the GoProof button. And say goodbye to marking up PDFs. Those messy days are in the past.

When reviewers comment on your work it appears right back in either your Photoshop or Illustrator extension panel, where an Amendment Wizard guides you through making the changes that have come back so you don’t miss any.

Stay working in Photoshop and Illustrator without jumping out all the time and get your amazing designs published faster!

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World’s first Design Feed app

Need to go out? No problem.

GoProof is the only proofing software in the world to have a mobile app to keep you updated with all the collaborative feedback.

Instantly see what clients, colleagues or anyone else in your approval chain is doing with push notifications hitting your lock screen as they happen.

Never be out of touch with the GoProof iOS and Android app. It talks to you wherever you are.

GoProof Easy Version Control

Easy version control

Stop wasting your creative time searching for revisions through a ton of email trails, Dropbox transfers and printed documents.

Easily upload new versions and watch GoProof automatically stamp them with a version number, so you won’t have to worry about renaming your documents all the time.

Version history in GoProof tracks exactly what’s been changed in your projects and by who… so milestones feel like yardstones.


Suitable for all design teams

Freelancers, agencies and large brand teams all use GoProof

Use it for quick export file approvals

It’s not just for CC files! Upload PDFs, JPGs, PNGs and more

Fast and easy Adobe CC set up

It’s just like switching on a new feature that’s been there all along

Gatekeepers, Reviewers and Observers

Control who can comment and sign off work using our user roles

The world’s first design feed app

Use the iOS or Android app for keeping on top of project activity

Nudge reviewers to comment

Still waiting for feedback? Give them a Nudge to log in and get it done!

Clear version history tracking

Easily manage the review and approval sequence with full visibility of versions

Amendment Wizard for fast changes

Our Photoshop and Illustrator add-ons guide you through the changes suggested

Archive your Projects when you’re done

When projects are wrapped up, file them away for safekeeping

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