GoProof is the ultimate Illustrator and Photoshop CC add-on for proofing designs
GoProof is a certified Adobe Exchange Partner

One place for all your media reviews

GoProof brings all creative media collaboration into one central place, so you don’t have to use a ton of different systems and workflows just to get approval.

Collaborate on documents and videos together, managing the creative journey in a central review dashboard to inspire stunning work.

What you can do with GoProof

Proof from Adobe Creative Cloud

Use the GoProof extension panel inside Adobe CC to collaborate on documents, artwork, videos, animations and prototypes

Review videos and animated GIFs

Share your Adobe Premiere Pro® timeline directly from inside the app or upload MP4s and GIFs


Edit copy on Adobe InDesign CC® proofs

Choose text boxes for editing in InDesign CC and let collaborators make changes on the proof with instant previews

Adobe Creative Cloud integration

Work from inside Adobe CC to cut out proof exports and email trails

Designers and producers can proof creative work seamlessly from within their favourite Adobe Creative Cloud products using the GoProof extension panel, available from the Adobe Exchange

Send documents and GIFs from Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator® and Adobe InDesign. Share video timelines from Adobe Premiere Pro.

And then, with our unique two-way integration, receive all comments and requested changes back into the CC app ready to produce the next version with ease.

Easy to use mobile app for collaborators

No messing around, just creative review optimised for that device

Collaborators need flexibility. And a lot of the time, invitations to review work are opened on a mobile device.

That’s why our notification emails have deep link technology to identify what kind of device is being used. If it’s a phone or tablet running iOS or Android, the GoProof app opens automatically, presenting mobile-friendly options to carry out reviews.

Keep it easy for collaborators. Just let them do their thing – and fast.

Proof that we enhance creative productivity

Watch, listen and read how GoProof users save time and energy

GoProof has continued to evolve across the globe, with many of our feature innovations coming from customer wish-list items which they love talking about.

Check out the spotlight stories and videos of how we’ve transformed their productivity, including mentions from Adobe themselves.



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