Product Updates

Compare current and previous versions of a proof on screen

Hey everyone, log in to GoProof right now and you can see we’ve given you one of the biggest requests so far…

Comparing the current version of a proof on screen with one of the older ones!

Yes. We’ve done it.

You’ll find the compare proof tool on the History tab on the right-hand sidebar of the proof screen.

Previously there were two options on the History tab telling you the version number and the date it was created. Now there’s a third called Compare that has a link button to pop out that proof version into a new browser window.

This is great for lining up alongside the current proof version on your screen (even better if you’re a two-screen junkie) so you can see what’s changed.

Sometimes we prefer the previous proof version or even start moving away from the original brief without realizing it. This tool helps you keep on top of those shifts and manage the design journey more closely.

We hope you enjoy it!

And don’t forget to give us your feedback so we can keep adding more of what you need!