Product Updates


New DONE button for clearer collaboration and proofing

Hey all, we’ve got a new DONE button! Seen it yet? It sits in the top right corner when you’re looking at a proof. Reviewing and collaborating on work is clearer now. Your decision making is more informed and the team approval process becomes way simpler. The button will show different options depending on what role you have within the

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Introducing the ‘Observer’ Role which allows Collaborators to Proof without Commenting

We’re introducing the Observer role which allows collaborators to proof without commenting. It’s a neat way for you to invite people to be part of your amazing Adobe Creative Cloud design journeys without asking them to comment. It sits alongside Reviewer (who can comment) and Gatekeeper (who can comment and sign off). Sometimes you want clients or colleagues to see

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Increase design productivity by proofing Adobe CC design projects without exporting PDFs

Getting your creative journey super-efficient is on every marketing team’s list. One big step on that journey is to increase design productivity by proofing Adobe Creative Cloud design projects without exporting PDFs constantly, just to get feedback. Exporting a new PDF every single time a change is made and then trying to share it with everyone at the same time

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