Product Updates


Use the Teams feature to manage multiple reviews of a single proof at the same time

Our Customer Success Team gets asked a lot if there’s a way in GoProof to split out a review for different sets of collaborators. You bet there is. It’s called Teams. First, let’s paint the picture so you get the context. You have a proof you want to send out to a bunch of people. Thing is, those people are

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Hide client work from view by making clients active or inactive

We’ve rolled out a new feature request this week which helps proof senders declutter their client workspace and proof dashboard. When you start accumulating a ton of clients you have finished working on for now – and those clients are crammed with multiple projects and proofs – they can start getting in the way of all your other projects. It’s

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Collaborate on Email Templates and Web Pages in GoProof

At the turn of 2019 we asked you for suggestions on what you’d like to see coming into GoProof to make it broader and better. Huge thanks to everyone for your awesome contributions. We’ve been working on them hard since and here’s the first request rolled out in the latest release, bringing another media dimension into the proofing mix. Web

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