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Why the world’s biggest cake decoration supplier DecoPac is SO happy with GoProof

Interview with Sarah Duncan, Creative Director, Publishing DecoPac. [Running time: 4m 1s] LISTEN TO INTERVIEW So we were using a different software solution for proofing and it was not fitting our needs. It was housed in our facilities so it was  on-prem servers, so nobody could view it from the road when they are travelling. They had to be in

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Watch Jason Smith from the Brewers Association talk about GoProof

WATCH SNIPPET We are the trade association for craft brewers around the US, so we promote and support – as well as protect – all the small and independent breweries in the US. There are around 7,000 of those right now, almost 5,000 of those are members of association and we do everything from supporting them through publications and information

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Why GoProof improves the creative approval process – an intro for Tampa Bay Adobe User Group

A huge shout out to Sarah Schweiger and the Tampa Bay Adobe User Group for inviting us to their recent meeting. We were pumped to talk about GoProof and how it improves the creative approval process for Adobe Creative Cloud users and, more importantly, continue our mission to inspire the wider creative community to become more efficient and productive. You

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