Control the client relationship and shield the design team
See the Account Manager workflow in action

Single point of contact

Most creative, advertising and marketing agencies have dedicated people looking after client relationships.

They act as a first and often single point of contact for all client communications, making sure there’s no conflict or confusion throughout the creative journey.

The account manager workflow ensures the right people are engaged at the right time and keeps the commercial terms in check.

Shield the design team

Designers love the account manager workflow.

It stops them from getting bombed with requests and extra work from clients that wasn’t briefed to them by their account manager.

The virtual barrier means they don’t have to make commercial decisions or do anything without the approval of their account manager.

Let designers get on with designing.

Control the project budget

It’s much easier to manage costs and hit the brief using the account manager workflow.

No more going around in circles, unbilled work or embarrassing accidents.

Just amazing creative delivered on time and on budget.


GoProof Enterprise's account manager workflow is perfect for agencies

Rather than sending directly to the client, designers can opt to send creative work for one or more account managers to review first.

As they sit in between the designer and the client, they assess the creative before the client lays eyes on it, offering feedback on quality and whether it hits the brief.

Once they’re happy, they can send it on to the client with a simple click of a button. Neat.

Ideal for advertising and marketing agencies
Keeps account managers in control of relationships
Person in the middle of designers and clients

Account managers review and approve first
Shield designers from direct client engagement
Ensures high quality proofs that meet the brief are sent


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